It’s been quite a year!

What a strange year it’s been in 2020! It’s been good to hear from customers that even with the restrictions they still plan to enjoy a good home firework display, even if it is just a quiet one with their own household.

Whatever you plan to do, I hope you and your family have a safe and fun BFN season.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016! We hope this year brings you many opportunities to wow your friends with excellent firework displays!

We hear a lot of you had great NYE displays! Keep up the good work.

As Summer Approaches

As summer approaches so does the increased opportunity for fireworks! Why not top off a garden party or barbecue with a small Cat 2 display? Here at Visco Fuse Shop we will be only too happy to help you with any of your fuse needs. Why not try a small remote controlled ignition system from our parent company Wireless Fireworks –

How do you use fuse?

How do you use yours?!

Whether it be to aid your home firework display, test compositions or for model rocketry, we want to know what you use your fuse for most! Contact us and let us know – You never know it might give others some great new ideas!

How Do You Use Yours



Welcome to the Visco Fuse Shop. Most people don’t need whole reels of fuse, so we’re dedicated to bringing you the very best prices for small quantities. We sell visco, flying fish and tape match fuses, all stocked and sent from the UK.

Our UK P&P prices start at just £2.65 and you’ll never pay more than £7.99!

Whether you’re setting up a home firework display, testing compositions or you enjoy rocketry, this is the place to get your fuse!

Check out our parent company Wireless Fireworks for remote firing systems, igniters and visco fuse.

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